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Applications are Open! We review apps as we receive them; please allow a week for processing!

Player's Name:
Contact info: Aim? Plurk? E-mail? How would you like us to contact you?
DW: This can be your personal journal or the one you intend to use for the character.

Version: If the character is from a manga that has an anime, which version are you apping? Or if they're from a comic book that was made into a movie, which version are you using? Anything that has a character spread across different mediums or story arcs needs to state which continuity they're being apped from.
Canon Point:
Age: If the character is older than they appear or ages in an odd way, please tell us.

History: Brief history of your character (300-500 words) or link to a good wiki. If your wiki is insufficient, we might ask for additional details. If you're apping an OC or an AU, this section should be at least 500 words. If you can write a compelling and detailed history in less than this we won't strike you down with the fist of an angry god, but we prefer 500 words+.

Personality: What’s your character like? How do they think and react to things, how do they relate to others and the world, what motivates them, and how stable are they? This should be no less than 300 words, as it is very important, and a wiki link will not be accepted here. This tells us what you think your character is like. If you're apping an OC or an AU, this section must be at least 500 words.

Fears: What is your character afraid of? This may require some thought for some character types, but it’s vitally important in a game like this. Phobias and concrete fears like zombies, spiders, or the dark are good, but abstract fears are equally important, particularly with "fearless" characters. For example, Batman/Bruce Wayne could be said to have a fear of being unable to stop innocents being harmed, while many "fearless" antagonists display a fear of death, powerlessness, or loss of control; fears of being forgotten or losing loved ones also count. If a fear is something canon-specific, like an individual person, tell us what about it scares them that something outside the canon world might also invoke! We do use this and the Weaknesses section for reference, so the more detail you give, the happier we’ll be.

Weaknesses: Physical weaknesses, shortcomings, and character flaws all apply. Are they physically frail? Illiterate? Deathly allergic to something innocuous? Staunch pacifist and unable to defend themselves? Alcoholic? Malformed social skills or dumb about problem-solving? Do they have a temper that gets them trouble, a tendency to bait and antagonize things more powerful than them, or a hero/martyr instinct that drives them to be self-sacrificial? Again, character flaws and personality weaknesses are more than welcome here and the best things to look at if you're having trouble! Note that while resistances/abilities above normal human for some reason are worth noting in strengths, things that are normal mortal human traits like needing to breathe, lacking superhuman strength, etc. are not, in fact, weaknesses, although things like a lack of survival training or familiarity with likely risk situations can count. These things might be used against you important later. Please be detailed!

Mundane Strengths/Abilities: What are your character's skills? Can they use a sword? Gun? Are they a master strategist? Do they have survival skills, talents, or trades and crafts like art or music? Tell us what they can do and what they're experienced with, there may be things in the setting they'll be able to do something unusual with!

Sensitivity/Magical Ability: Can you character see or talk to ghosts? Do they know magic, have superpowers, or any other kind of special abilities? Are they any more likely to pick up something your normal John Smith would miss out on, or can they do things a normal person probably couldn't? Please give details of the power that allows them to do this; something to give us a basic idea what kinds of powers they have and about how it works. Please also take into consideration that apping a character that is sensitive in some way or has certain kinds of abilities may end up involving them in plot elements, which you may opt out of. If your character has no magical or supernatural abilities, just put N/A.

Supply List: We’re not going to be nitpicky about this, but if your character has any weapons, we’d like to know about them. In the case of guns, please include the number of bullets they will have, as the ability to replace them is limited. If your character has magical items, we definitely want to know about them, as magical items can definitely impact play. Please note that all requests for nukes will be denied, extradimensional storage spaces may either not function or function strangely in the setting, and things typically summoned from elsewhere will probably be unavailable here.

Game Transfers: Note that this is either your second character or a character you plan to update after you make your first AC. In the latter case, feel free to submit this portion when that AC rolls around for approval. We would like you to include the details of your character's history and how it was altered by their experiences, where they're from and what CR they had there. This section should be no less than 300 words, more is preferred.

Sample RP post: Third person, at least 300 words. We do allow previous threads and test drive threads as samples, as well.

All apps should be emailed to portesmods+apps[at]gmail[dot]com. Keep the plus sign in place, replacing only the items in parentheses. If this appears to be giving your email difficulties, you can also send to just portesmods[at]gmail[dot]com. We do prefer having the text of the app in the email for later reference!

As email has an odd habit of realizing deciding we're spam bots, keep an eye on your spam filter or make sure to save the mod email!

The current point of entry is the dorm room beds. This will be updated if this changes again.

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