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[Mod Contact]

To make game suggestions, click here!

Mod E-mail: portesmods[at]gmail[dot]com

Individual Mod Contact:

AIM: irlythmostxtreme
E-mail: timeforsixthirty[at]gmail[dot]com
Plurk: [ profile] affirmativelyaffirmative

AIM: shirhanblade
E-mail: kyanve[at]gmail[dot]com
Plurk: [ profile] kyanve

AIM: Triple C OOC
Plurk: [ profile] Triple_C2

You can also generally find us in the game's discord channel.

And you may post here with any concerns, questions, or otherwise you have. Comments are screened, anonymous is enabled, and IP logging is off. Just know that we have to unscreen anonymous comments in order to reply to them.

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