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Welcome to the House of Doors.

This is a DW RP based off of elements of supernatural and survival horror where the driving theme is mystery, the days are long, and the nights are longer. When the characters first arrive, waking in their dorm room bed, not much is known about the story of the castle and its surrounding keep. But rest assured that there is one, and the characters will to have to choose to work together (or perhaps not) and explore different possible story paths to get to the end--or ends--of the story.

Plot details are there to be uncovered; you just have to look. Don't be afraid to try anything your characters would logically try-- and if the result isn't public knowledge, feel free to ask, and, well, maybe you'll find something new.

Because you never know what's on the other side of the door.


When posting to [community profile] maisondeportes, use a header and a cut-- the HTML for which are conveniently provided here!:

Also please try to maintain a posting order, so that everyone has a chance to post-- but if you need a log to go fast, or otherwise, feel free to specify in the warnings section-- to warn them that tagging will be first come first serve!

A few of the mods have a tabletop RP background; we try to run Portes with that sort of spirit of interaction and involvement between the setting/plot and the player characters. You can be as involved or distant from things as you wish, and we try to keep everything structured so that you have a choice and say in what's happening to your character. Your actions can have lasting influence on the setting or course of the plot, whether it's dramatic and immediately obvious or more subtle and plays out over time. You may see characters mentioned by name in updates as a result of past actions of theirs, and some things occurring now in the plot and updates are, in whole or part, results of past character actions!

If you see a ghost, creature, or NPC in an update and want to interact with them or your character is seeking out an NPC, entering or lingering in a room with a ghost or monster that isn't mentioned as "passive" one way or another, or messing with a "haunting" effect - leave a comment on the update to flag a mod so we know to send the NPC your way (there will be a comment on each update specifically for this purpose), or ask one of us directly. Keep in mind that there are a few actions with a chance of drawing attention no matter where you are or what's going on; the major general ones are teleporting, doing large amounts of damage to the furniture or walls, or attempting to damage dolls or mirrors.

Also, if there's a Ghost, NPC, or Monster you'd like to see more of or want your character to meet that isn't around in a given update, let us know - it might depend on what's going on with them in the plot, but we are always happy to try to arrange for them to show up, or give you an idea how long it'll be until they're available again! Similarly, if there's something in the setting or an update that you're curious about, feel free to ask us questions, in chat or via contacting one of the mods directly.

We have a general philosophy that very few things are impossible, but they may be difficult, take time figuring out how to accomplish it, or have narrow odds! If you want to do something special or unusual, go ahead ask us about it and how it'll work. If it's something that isn't guaranteed to fail or succeed, we may ask for a die roll in chat or via some other means we can verify. If you have access to our Discord chat, the standard code is /roll 1d100 with lower being better; between 1-5 will usually be a critical success with something dramatic or special happening in your character's favor, while 95-100 is a critical failure with something dramatic or special going horribly wrong with the action. 1's and 100's in particular may do things extremely special or lasting.

In general, always feel free to ask about interacting with the setting and NPCs, they're there for you to play with and we welcome attempts at solving the various puzzles and plots around the House!

Network Comm

A new feature here in the House of Doors, there is now a network comm at [community profile] allthenotes. Upon entry to the game, every character is given a notebook, in which anything written becomes available to everyone else with a notebook. You post to this community when your character wishes to reach out to other characters this way. More on the notebooks and how they work is available in the FAQ!

OOC Comm

[community profile] portesooc will be the place where you'll find introductions, plotting among players, be able to post hiatuses, and anything else that is out of character. We will also surely fill it will silliness and memes.

Updates and Plots

Night and day updates, as well as any other updates and plots, will be posted in [personal profile] allthekeys, marked clearly.

Activity Checks

These will be once a month, at the beginning of each month. All the details will be clear in the post, but the general idea is that you have to have at least one log per character per month.

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