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1. Rule number one is common sense: be polite. Speak to your fellow players. Bullying will not be tolerated. Don’t ruin the game for other players and don’t force your beliefs on people IC or OOC. We’re here to have fun and play the game, not to make a political statement. Keep it civil, keep it nice, and don’t be a dick.

2. No god-moding. This should be obvious. Trying the find ways to break the game and run it over the mods or other players ruins the game for everybody. Note that this is NOT the same thing as trying to break the house or trying to find the nooks and crannies and ins and outs of the game and solutions (even unconventional ones), which is encouraged. Bunnying, or puppeting other people's characters, is also forbidden. You can't just walk up and decide to throw a player's character down the stairs or make decisions for them. Note that an unreasonable amount of knowledge about an unfamiliar character's plans being abused can also stray into god-modding, for instance, "Just knowing" that a particular character is "a villain" when they haven't indicated any ill intent around a non-psychic character. (For characters with psychic or extra-sensory powers, a permissions post is encouraged; they're free to use those abilities, although common sense and cooperation with other players on what they sense about someone else's character is expected.)

3. Make activity checks! Activity Checks are monthly and fairly easy to maintain. You only need to be active in one log, and you are allowed one warning. If you have had a warning on the past month's activity check, we ask that you don’t submit an app for another character.

4. We're not a sex game, but we are a horror game. A great deal of not-nice things will happen to your characters here. Therefore, we prefer our playerbase to be no younger than 16. While there are a lot of younger-than-16s who are incredibly mature, it sets a good baseline.

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