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Where does my character arrive?
Every new character will arrive waking up in their dorm room bed; their clothes would have been changed to the castle uniform.

Help! My character had things in their pockets, where is it now?
In the bottom of their trunk, you are welcome to find it as soon as they arrive and to change into any clothes they may have brought with, but please be aware that the guards may attack them if they leave the rooms out of uniform.

Can my character die?
Death is very possible, but your character will come back unless certain negative conditions are met. We do keep track of numbers of deaths for each character, so if one of the mods was not involved in their death, we ask that you contact one of us or leave a note on the Update post for the relevant time period that it has occurred.

Their body will remain where they died for a span of an hour to three hours IC'ly; during that time period you have the option of allowing other characters to find the body. What happens to bodies after that time period has not yet been IC'ly seen, although finding out is open to plotting.

My character died, where will they wake back up?
In the same place they arrived, their own bed, uninjured and whole. Any damage done to their clothes will be cleaned and repaired, although they will find themselves covered in a thin sheen of ash. Deaths last three OOC days/72 IC hours and at the end of that your character will wake back up.

In most cases characters are restored to full health with no lingering effects and with negative effects and alterations from things like powers backfires or NPC/setting/ghost caused events reset. Players will always have the option to rule that negative effects/alterations are not cleared by a death or that there are visible scars from the death or injuries that occurred since arrival, and certain plot-related effects may linger case-by-case regardless.

How long do days/nights last?
Days and night last two weeks out of character and one week in character. We run on a 1:2 scale.

For clarity's sake: ICly, to the characters, from dawn to nightfall will feel like one week has passed, with the same going for nightfall to daybreak. This means that you can often do multiple things in one Day/Night if it'd be things you could do within a week; you can likely post with a character and tag around without any time paradoxes or conflicts.

Any clocks, watches, cellphones, or other devices a character has with them will show time passage normally until a character dies for the first time, at which point they'll seem to stretch out their normal 24-hour cycle to match the house days rather than "real time."

How do I thread with an NPC?
If an NPC (such as a ghost, for example) is mentioned in an update but does not have a current open post, contact one of the mods and we'll be happy to set something up with you. You can ask even if they are not mentioned in the update, to set something up for a later date, or if they are a more frequent flier and might be possible to find/contact.

Not all monsters or ghosts will need a mod, such as wallcrawlers (who you are free to handwave or play yourself), but you are more than welcome to ask to be certain.

Feel free to ask questions if what you want to know isn't listed here!

Will my cellphone/ipad/comm system work in the house?
No. While powered devices will work, you'll need to find somewhere to plug it in or batteries, which will be very difficult. No device will be able to call or communicate with any other device in the house. The house is way out of your coverage area and full of strange interference. The mods wish to save you from the excessive roaming costs.

Note that when such devices function, while they cannot make outgoing contact, they may receive contact incoming...

Either way, it'll be a lot more reliable to use the notebooks.

Notebooks! Upon waking, every character will find a notebook in their trunk, which will function as the in-game network. Any time a character wishes to use it, what they write should be posted in [community profile] allthenotes.

How do the notebooks work?
Anything written in the notebook will appear in every other notebook, with new messages appearing on a new page to be responded to and conversation threads remaining on the same page. While it is possible to direct those messages to specific people, the way to do so is not yet known and will require some deeper digging. Note that ICly the main means of identifying who is writing any given message is handwriting, so it may be difficult to impossible to tell who something originates from if they do not sign their "post" or give other identifying clues.

Is it possible to post anonymously on the network/notebooks?
It sure is. If you want to post truly anonymously, you can send it to the mods and we will post it through the mod journal with the default icon. Do note that this only works if your character has never made a post or is really good at disguising their handwriting.

Can a new character see posts made before they arrived?
Yes! When the notebooks are open they tend to fall open to a new blank page, but if any character— even a new arrival—pages back, they can go back through everything written before; you can snoop through previous posts and not worry about timing on posts made near when you arrived.

Help! My character is blind/illiterate/doesn't have thumbs, how can I use the network?
If you would like to play with the limitation, you are free to. If you would like a work around, we have a pathway to that as well. Please always talk to us about what you need and want and we will do our best to help.

What else is in the trunks?
The trunk holds two changes of plain, gray clothing complete with under things and socks, a pair of plain black boots, a plain black belt with a simple pouch, a gray cloak, a white apron, two blankets, a flint stone, a thin gray notebook and six candles.

Anything they might have been carrying with them before they arrived can also be found here. Their wages, should they earn them, can also be found here.

So can you give me more detail about the uniform?
We sure can. As baselines assume Germany in the 1600s, the cut for the women is very conservative. The castle provides double skirts, stockings, a chemise, a bodice, a head wrap and oddly a veil. The shirt is high collared and completely covers the bosom. The boots are slightly shorter than the male counterpart.

The men is a bit more straight forward, their trousers are long and neat with a lace up fly, a tunic, lace up boots and a vest or jacket to be worn over it. There is no head covering provided for the men.

The cloak is plain and of average length, reaching to ankle on the person it is sized for.

All trunks will have two full sets of clothing, one for male and one for female. Both sets are tailored to fit the owner of the trunk. The characters are welcome to wear whatever they please of what has been provided.

My character doesn't or can't eat normal food; how do they survive?
If your character has a nonstandard diet and cannot eat normal food, there will be an alternative provided that is appropriate; unfortunately, while it is sustaining and they can live off it, it'll be just as pleasant as the gruel everyone else is living off of. Vampires get bags of slightly old and off-tasting blood, aliens with different metabolisms get bland livable mash, etc.; if there's a specific unusual requirement that would be more difficult—such as energy feeding—feel free to contact a mod or include it in your app so that we can work something out ahead of time.

As options to trade for better food open up, depending upon the diet, there will be some similar alternatives available through the NPC's as well that are less awful.

I see money listed in different places, what is this?
If you do your assigned tasks, you will receive your wages in the trunk at the end of the week. Each character will receive 5 silver coins and 50 copper coins per week they complete their tasks. If only one character does the tasks for the entire group they will receive the entire room’s wages.

One silver is equal to a hundred copper. As a point of reference, a loaf of bread will cost around 2 copper or a pound of meat will cost around 10 copper. A pound of cheese or a bottle of milk would cost 8 copper. A basic cure for a stomach ache will cost you 5 copper per dose. For something like a sword or more complex medicine please consult a mod. These prices can change depending on how well you haggle. Basic food will be provided by the castle, but this is a rather simple fare consisting of grain gruel in the morning and a thin stew in the evening.

We won’t be keeping track of your earnings or what you spend, so use your own discretion. It’s an honor system.

What assigned tasks? You mean the characters need to work?
Absolutely. Your characters are now servants of the castle, and every group will be assigned certain chores during the day and night. These chores can range from working in the kitchen to cleaning the grand staircase or cleaning a certain wing of rooms. While onerous, these chores can also give characters good cover to get into restricted sections of the castle—areas that they would otherwise be prevented from going.

While we will not be forcing these things to be threaded out and will trust you if you say "My character did the chores", please try to stay honest about it. It's not cleaning if you sweep it all under your bed, kids!

The assignments will be posted along with each update.

Wait, rooms are assigned? What are the groups?
They are indeed; your character will be given a dorm assignment as they arrive. Though they could technically sleep wherever they want (Or not sleep, as the case may be), the trunk that holds their possessions and their revival point will remain in the same place. The only time this might change is if the character is dropped and reapped and the bed has been filled.

For organizational purposes, you will be assigned a group at random. This group will consist of the people you share a dorm with. Though so long as you complete the tasks assigned to you, the staff does not care if you work together or not. You can submit a request to the steward to change groups, but it is unknown how long that process can work or take. OOCly if there is an issue, please let us know and we will work something out.

Can my character steal from the castle?
Yes! Especially if they don’t like being alive.

Can I put pictures in my post?
As the game is prose-based without any IC image funtion, and for the sake of loading times, we would like it if you link any images that are needed for your post off comm. This is also in consideration for the fact that some people may be accessing the comm at work or in other environments where they don’t want images loaded. Please don’t post animated gifs or sparkly text in the log comm, though you may feel free to post whatever you like on the OOC comm (the mods are often appeased by adorable kitten pictures).

Is sex allowed in the game?
Yes plSex isn't our goal here, but we know that your characters are adults (and we mean adults), and this can definitely come up. Just a few points to keep in mind, but otherwise go for it!
a. Lock your posts to the community and place a warning before the cut.
b. Everyone involved, players and characters, needs to be 18 or older; anything else could get the entire comm in trouble. This is non-negotiable.

How does a Hiatus work?

OOC'ly, comment here; if you had an illness or other life interruption happen and have unplanned missed time that prevented making activity, you can contact a mod and leave a note on the relevant Activity page so that we know what's going on.

IC'ly, you have two options. For short hiatuses you can essentially autopilot your character with any necessary handwaving wih their CR. Otherwise, the character will vanish from the setting; their bed will be made and untouched, their trunk locked, and while their nameplate will be there, it will seem to have a perpetual thin sheen of dust. When they return, they will wake up in the bed as if they'd just gone to sleep in it before the hiatus.


Can my characters keep their powers?
Yes, with only a few exceptions that are listed below!

a. Characters that are massively large will find themselves smaller; assume anything that cannot fit through a standard door will be shrunk to around seven feet. Size limiters do not apply to smaller characters-- if you app one of the Borrowers, they'll stay mouse-sized. There may be things within the house they could use to get bigger, but that will have to be found via exploration and/or NPC interaction.

b. If your character has teleportation powers, they will be unpredictable at best; ask a mod before attempting. Teleporters may also at times find themselves in situations they would probably rather avoid. Though these situations are sometimes deadly, or at least uncomfortable, they will be given a chance to leave the bad situation, but they will not get to choose where they go; the destination may be mod-selected or completely random depending on the exact context. Teleporting during the night is particularly ill-advised.

To determine success or failure, use this link with two or more 'one's meaning success and two or more 'two's meaning failure. If you roll a failure, contact a mod to determine what happens next.

c. If your character can pass through solid objects, they will find they have difficulty moving through the walls depending on how the power functions; if it's accomplished by taking some sort of spirit form, it will often not work entirely, as if the wall's barrier extends into that realm. Other walls will typically be difficult to pass through but possible if the room in question is accessible to players, although some specialized or unusual rooms such as prisons can be completely blocked off.

d. If you app a telepath or character with other abilities to read minds/souls, trying to read the monsters' brains will result in eventual insanity. Ask a mod about this fun-filled vacation for your character.

e. If you app a precog, they won’t be able to tell anything about the future of the house or the people directly involved in it. In fact, predicting more than five minutes in advance will not give you anything useful and might cause damage. You may THINK you know what is going to happen, but…

f. You can damage the house with powers, however, the house and anything broken in it will begin to heal the moment you stop applying pressure. Glass will piece back together; walls will seal. Some walls seem to absorb attacks without as much as a smudge to show for your efforts. Outside walls or doors to not-currently-accessible areas will typically show no reaction whatsoever, and may result in a backlash reaction.

Other than above mentioned, as long as you're following the general rules, go crazy. We'll discuss powers with you in your app as necessary.

What about shadow/darkness-based powers?
Generally, anyone who uses them will feel like they are pushing against some unseen force. It is possible to use darkness based powers, but it feels a bit odd. There almost seems to be a delay no matter how practiced the person is with their darkness.

There seems to be no cause.

How do powers that summon creatures work?
In most cases, they don't. The basic rule of thumb is to ask where the creature is when NOT physically present with the character. If the summon is being called from another plane or elsewhere—as most RPG summons tend to be—then it won't work; the character can attempt to call for them, but will get no response, as if they're out of reach of the being. Other powers that rely on channeling from an outside source will either not work, or may work strangely on a case-by-case basis; the source is probably out of reach, although the character may find something else willing to take its place—possibly with other unwanted consequences, depending on the being.

Pokemon and creatures stored in objects the character owns fall under pets/companions.

If the creature functions as some sort of "stored soul" or spirit bound to the character or an object in their possession when not summoned, then it falls under the "stored souls" rules below.

And what about summoning objects?
If it is more in the vein of "hammer space" or a bag of holding, then you can use it, but with stipulations. There is roughly a one-in-three chance of them getting what they want, nothing, or accidentally summoning a hellhound that will not be happy with them. You may ask a mod to do this roll for you or you can use this link to get a result (i.e. two or more of a number is your result), with success, failure, and hellhound set to each digit. (Note that for canons such as typical RPG's, we expect inventories to be handled with some degree of gameplay-story segregation; if there isn't an indication the character has a supernatural or extradimensional space of some sort, we ask that their "inventory" be limited to what could be reasonably carried by a person of their size.)

If a character has an ability to use powers to "store" objects that does not send them to an extradimensional space, the details will be somewhat case by case, but there will usually be a risk of backfires or odd interference with it that may lead to injury or other problems.

Can my character bring with them a pet/familiar/companion?
Pets and companions that are physically present or carried with the character somehow are allowable within certain boundaries. Animals and normal pets are perfectly allowed, although we do ask that you remember to keep track of them, how your character's caring for them, and what they might be doing. The general rule of thumb for sapient companions is independence; if they function easily independent of the other character, then they're either a gray area or may count as a separate character (which will not be viable to app together with the other character by the same player), while something that is dependent on the character or tied to them is allowable.

An example of a dependent companion would be Ragnarok from Soul Eater, the typical fantasy Talking Sword or sci-fi object-AI, a mage's familiar that's tied by power to the mage, a summon stored within a carried object or the character themselves, or a permanent possessing entity or alternate personality. Some allowable grey area examples are the Digimon of Tamer characters that rely on their human partners for some functions, or Kir from King of Bandits Jing.

Note that any character who has a separate entity carried within them may count as a possession risk for purposes of updates depending on the exact nature of the connection, and there may be in-game circumstances that would separate a connected or dependent entity from the main character or alter the nature of the connection.

Any creature or companion that's brought into the game as well as any of their abilities and their personality should be noted under the supply section of the application. Note that very big animals will be scaled down the same way very big characters will.

My character has an item that contains the soul or personality of something else, what happens to it?
Great question! For the purpose of the game, any item that contains a soul will manifest that soul as an animal. If the soul does not have an animal form by canon rule, you can choose your own form, or let the mods pick one. It can be fantastical or a normal animal, but can be no larger than a mid-sized dog. This can mean "companions" from the above question end up manifesting as animals, depending on the nature of the companion.

My character is a child, will that impact anything?
Your life will be much more dangerous than for anyone else in the house, and you've basically chosen extreme hardmode for this plot; for a child character this setting turns into survival horror.

Child characters will find a stuffed frog among their things on arrival, thumping against the lid of the chest in a desperate bid to get their attention before the Steward sees them; the frog will occasionally move and attempt to lead them away from danger—although if they aren't quick and careful, the frog may not be able to save them from finding out where the children of the castle and town have gone.

Okay. What counts as a child character?
Any character that is prepubescent.

My character can't communicate, is that okay?
This will likely depend on the nature of their inability to communicate; a character that cannot speak, but is capable of some form of charades, dumb-show, and other means of making themselves understood is allowable. Needing to write or rely on psychic communication is also perfectly allowable.

Characters who are completely unable to communicate effectively with others cannot functionally be played as characters in their own right. If a character can verbally, physically, telepathically, or textually make themselves understood and interact with others, then this should be no issue--however, if they lack the intellect and coherence to interact meaningfully with others or the plot, then they are most likely unsuitable for play as a solo character.

My character is a monster/animal/anything not-human.
That’s fine! These characters are more than welcome. The very gigantic characters will be downsized, however.

My character is ill, injured or dying at their canonpoint. What happens?
Any injuries are retained upon entry to the game. The same goes for any illnesses, should they not be of the magical type where they disappear with a change of scenery. In short, the character will continue to be affected by any injury or illness they have. However, should this pose a problem for the player, we are happy to talk to you about a compromise or about negating this effect.

My character is dead in canon. How is this handled?
You have two options here – a dead character can absolutely be revived upon entry into the game, but should you want to, you do have the option to play them as ghosts or spirits. We're fully open to the breathing challenged; playing a character this way would simply require a little extra plotting and consultation with the mods, and bear in mind that this condition would affect the character over time within the environment.

If I play a ghost or spirit type character and choose to revive them, what items will they be able to have when they enter the game?
Any items or clothes that appear on their person in their spirit or ghost form would manifest. If they have a much more ambiguous form, you are free to speculate. If you want to get creative or aren’t sure what to do with your character in this situation you’re free to consult with a mod.

My character was in Maison for the previous cycle; what do I do to bring them back?
Contact a mod (via the mod e-mail used for applications, a private message to the mod account, IM, Plurk, or whatever other means works); it will be treated the same way bringing back a character with an existing, already-approved application normally would be.

You have the option of their memory of the previous cycle being garbled, hazy, or lacking in places at your discretion; this can be a few gaps, or a means to do a complete canon-reset.

The character will have been returned to their world within a few minutes to a few hours of their original disappearance, to the same location they were taken from. If they gained any tattoos, scars, or permanent alterations while in game, those will be maintained. Some cases have the option of having been sent to the world of close CR instead, if both players involved agree to this option; this will typically occur for characters that have some obstacle to returning to their own world, such as having been dead or their world no longer existing.

The amount of time passed between the end of last cycle and them appearing in this cycle is purely up to you! If you do not wish to do some form of canon update, then your character can be "returned" for a negligible amount of time ranging from a few minutes to a few days, so long as there are no important events or development occurring in that time.

If you choose for them to have been returned for a longer period with intact memory, there may be alterations to canon events or events post-canon; this will be handled OOC'ly in the same manner as a canon update. Send an e-mail to the address for applications with a summary of what happened during their time back in their home world (or new home world), along with a brief description of any character development or changes to their personality. Note that future castmates will most likely be assumed to come from a timeline version lacking these alterations; your character may functionally be considered an AU.

This also counts for characters that could not return to their homeworlds for some reason that had other CR they could accompany; the "canon update" will include what events occurred during their time in the other world.

If your character was dead in their canon and there are no openings for player-made interim arrangements of "going home with" cross-canon CR, you may contact us to work out an alternative; the most typical option is the character having hazy memories of an odd, drifting sleep. Depending on the circumstances, we may allow being returned to their world alive and restored by the house with a well handled "canon update" for how this impacts them and their canon, or we may be able to work out another alternative.


Can we transport CR From other games?
Yes! We do allow CRAU's, with these notes:

a. If you import CR and your character was best friends with Dean Winchester, for example, and knew everything there was to be known about his past, and we get or have a Dean Winchester, we ask that you ask their permission before springing Suddenly A Castmate on them; this is a courtesy to the existing player. If your character was approved for previous-CR before the other character was apped in and the new player is not comfortable with it, we can make arrangements for IC complications to compensate that do allow you to continue playing your character.

b. Likewise, we prefer at least some outline of who your character knew well in the game they were in before, as well as an additional history section (brief) on what happened to them there.

c. If you are from original Dollsyhouse, you can’t remember the house as it is, nor some things that occurred within it. Please talk to the mods and we'll talk. This isn't to say you can't, just that we’ll have to play a bit.

Are OCs allowed?
The answer is yes, but again with some limits.
a. Please don’t bring Awesome Badass McNinja Superpowered Girl With Her Unicorn Sidekick. We will reject the application. They’ve really got the universe all sewn up on their own, and we can’t add anything to them. What we’d really like to is something that shows creativity and imagination and original concept. Go wild; create something the world hasn’t ever seen. We’d love to play with it.

b. No Fandom OCs; note that characters who are very minor background characters are acceptable on an individual basis.

c. OCs based in table top worlds such a D&D or Unknown Armies ARE allowed, although we do ask for background on the game world and how the character's powers function. This also applies to MMO OC's, although those have the option of links to setting resources for world background. (Obviously this would also go for a tabletop NPC from a published setting such as Forgotten Realms.)

d. Note that in addition to the normal application, we ask that all OC applications write at least 500 words for both History and Personality (this isn’t cumulative) and a complete disclosure of powers, both mundane and magical. I.E. Sword-smith and fights with blades made from silver. Any powers that aren’t listed will not be allowed in the game. Since we can’t check against a Wiki, we ask for it all to be given up front.

OCs are encouraged to keep a written description of them or a copy of their app on their journal. This is in order to help other players know what they look like and help with OOC communication.

Are canon updates allowed? How are they handled?
Mail the mod-email at portesmods(at) with the new canon point and a short summary of any updates to personality, fears, weaknesses, etc., as well as what items they would have on them at the new canon point.

Functionally the characters are returned to their world temporarily; they will appear within a few seconds to a few minutes of when they were taken from. Whether or not they retain memories of their time in Maison's setting is up to player discretion, although we ask you to keep some visible note on their journal if they maintain memory in a way that would impact canon events.

For those in the house, the character will be missing for about 72 hours; their bed will be made and go untouched, their trunk will be locked but sound empty if shaken, and their nameplate will still be there, but have a thin sheen of dust on it. They will reappear in the same manner they first arrived in—waking up in their bed dressed in the servant's greys with their own clothes and belongings in the trunk. Items they had acquired during their time in Maison before the update will be within the trunk as well.

If you have a character already in game and wish to update them to a CRAU, that is also allowable under the same basic mechanisms.

Can I app a second character?
Perfectly fine; you’re allowed up to five. All we ask is you meet at least one activity check before apping your second character.

Can I app a second character from the same canon?
There is a maximum of two characters per canon, per player. This is to prevent both issues with character interaction, or with players playing too much of a cast themselves. We will, however, take case-by-case exceptions: if you're interested in playing a third from the same canon, send us an email with your case, and we'll discuss if it can be workable. We do ask that characters from the same canon not be individuals that will have close interactions and relationships with each other and that you avoid playercest. (They are allowed to be aware of each other if circumstances lead to it, such as CR with the same other character.)

Canons that are a series with separate installments within the same world and time period, but where the casts do not overlap or interact, will usually count as a separate canon; for example, Persona 1 and Persona 4 would count as separate casts, as would series-entries with large amounts of time between them, such as Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics, which share the same world but have several hundred years and a globe-rearranging cataclysm between them.

Will we ever be allowed to app more than five characters?
The short answer is 'yes.' However, you guessed it, there are limitations on this. Provided you are active with all five characters for two Activity Checks, you can ask the mods to be granted a sixth slot. There cannot be any hiatuses in the meantime, since that makes it too difficult to judge if you're sufficiently active with the five.

Are there any limits on the number of characters in game overall from a canon?
Just one. There is a maximum of four apps per canon per month, with no stipulations on who holds them. This doesn't necessarily bar you from apping, but be aware that apps over this number may be held for a little while before they are processed. Feel free to ask us if you want to know the current numbers of apps.

Can I app from a canon that hasn't been translated into English?
This will be on a case-by-case basis. In many cases it will be a yes, but if there is no fan translation into a language that a mod can speak, we will have to ask for an expanded history section, as we do not know the canon -- the same length of an OC app's history section will suffice. Please ask us first, and we'll see what we can work out!

Help, my character has no backstory/no dialogue/minimal canon appearances, can I still app them?
Yes. Some silent protagonists have very little say in their own story, such as Serge from Chrono Cross, but they still have a personality. Use good judgment in the backstory you're creating. Above all, it needs to make sense within the canon you are taking them from; we encourage expanding on canon and using what IS known in canon to base filling in the blanks on. Feel free to talk to us about it if you are unsure on things or unsure how much you have to work with.

Are customizable characters/silent protagonists allowed?
They are, but we advise you to ensure that your portrayal of the character makes sense for what they go through in their canon. For these characters you will also need to use the OC format for your application as opposed to the canon character one in the case of games with multiple choice (such as MMOs).

So how about AU Characters?
AU Characters are allowed with the same limits as OCs; we'll also want a good detailing of the point they diverged from canon and the different path their history took. The history here can be as short as 300 to 500 words detailing history and how they changed. You can include a wiki link to give the basis of the story, but we really need to know how things change. The same limit on personality applies. When apping an AU character, it will not close the door for the canon counterpart to be apped.

Note that if we have an existing canon version of a character, we will respect preferences of the existing player on AU doubles; that said, we've had several instances already of canon characters alongside both canon AU's and player-made AU's.

Are canon AUs allowed?
They are! Canon AU characters are also not subject to the standard AU rule of needing to reach a higher word count in the application.

Can I reserve more than one character?
If you are torn on who to app, you may definitely reserve more than one character at a time (with a maximum of two)! However, you're still only allowed to actually app one at a time when you're starting out.

If my character is portrayed in multiple mediums/canons, do I have to pick one portrayal and ignore the others?
If you can make the overall story and personality of the character work throughout the mediums/canons, you are more than welcome to mix, match and weave them together. However if the canons differ wildly or are contradicting each other, we advise you to pick one portrayal.


Is there a game chat room?
There is! the current incarnation is a Discord chat; feel free to contact one of the mods to request an invitation.

You are welcome to request an invitation and join chat if you are considering playing or have been in game in the past, even if you are not currently a member of the game!

We do expect basic courtesy within chat and that others in chat be treated with respect.

My question isn't answered!
Consult the comments below—your question might have been previously answered. If it hasn't, feel free to comment to this post and a mod will get back to you!

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Quick question concerning the app I'm writing for my MPD kid Akito/Agito. I'm apping in these two at an early canon point, however at a later canon point they gain a third personality. I don't even plan for Lind to awaken though if I app Akgi and he gets in (mostly due to icon reasons).

I don't normally add Lind's information to the app for that reason, however I thought I should check just in case. Would you like me to add in Lind's info to Akgi's app, in a "just in case" situation that he rises later due to some plot reason that may come up?
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re: world history in oc apps
Should we try and explain it within the character's history or make a subsection for it?
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I have a question! How would you guys deal if I apped say, the Tenth Doctor? He's the same person as the Eighth, but he has a different look, personality, basically everything. Would I still be able to app him?
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[personal profile] malignantmute 2012-03-08 02:02 am (UTC)(link)
Hey there, just a quick question before I jump onto writing an app for this game.

I'm taking a character that, in the game he's from, can have 3 different moralities (good, evil and neutral) and because of this, some of the game prominent points are changed. Also, there's no other media and very little history coverage other than a few points dropped here and there, which are vague considering the source had to cater for three different outcomes.

I know I'm going to have to pick a path to choose, obviously, but because the path I'm considering moots some of the canon within the game (because parts of it make the character's history a little convoluted) am I allowed to alter them slightly, so it makes more sense?

Also, is it alright for me to take the small flecks of back story the game gives you and fill in the gaps? Just asking since I'm unsure whether or not I'd have to put that under AU if I did so.

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Hey there!

I'm looking to apply Rufus here sometime in the near future, and from a canonpoint that is a little bit tricky. Since Rufus is going to be from right before Advent Children (Complete), would it be alright if he had Jenova's head with him?

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[personal profile] mafiawife 2012-04-19 10:34 am (UTC)(link)
Hello! I'm considering to app this Chrome here, but before that, I need some clarifications:

What's your take on headcanon relationships?

I'm asking because this Chrome is from twenty years in the future. Around that age, the Guardians would've start a family of their own; having a spouse and maybe children too. And she's married to Hibari.

I'm sure it'll be very awkward if after she joins the game then a Hibari joins in. Also, I'm afraid if his mun won't approve of the pairing, and they think that I'm imposing on them. Like, the mun actually wants to get Hibari into a relationship with someone else. But when they know that my Chrome is in relationship with Hibari, they think they're obligated to make Hibari to be with Chrome... something like that.

Please tell me if I'm not making any sense because I know I'm bad at explaining ;;

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So if I wanted to app Claire Redfield from the live action movies even if there's a game Claire, could (?
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A question about the app - does the third person sample need to be set in-game, or can it be set within the character's canon?

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What about AUs that do more than just diverge from the story line of the canon? Like a teen AU, a fantasy AU of a modern/sci-fi character, a modern AU, or a superpower AU?
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Question for a potential app!

I was considering apping Tali from Mass Effect here, and to that end I have a couple of questions.

1) I'll spare you the pseudo-scientific explanation, but my first question boils down to: as an alien, Tali can't eat human food. She gains no nutrition from it and may even get sick. How would an issue like this be solved in the game? Could she carry rations of her own food with her and expect to find more in the setting, or could handwavy panfandom magic be applied to, well, adjust her genetic makeup to let her eat human food? I'd prefer the first solution, personally, but could work with either if there are setting limits that prevent it.

2) My second question concerns character equipment. As a result of centuries of living in a sterile shipboard environment, Tali's species has very atrophied immune systems. They get around this by wearing sealed environmental suits that protect them from contaminants. Would she be allowed to have the suit, with all its life support functions intact, with her? I have to admit this is pretty much a prerequisite to apping her at all.

Thank you in advance!

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On the app, can we use a previous RP thread for the sample, or would you like a new sample written?

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(Anonymous) 2013-03-06 10:55 am (UTC)(link)
A brief question. If any of the mods know Puella Magi Madoka Magica, how kindly would you take to pre-witch versions of the Witches in the series? They're known to be Magical Girls prior to their Witch self, the problem being we only know tiny bits about who they were (in some cases, it's from the art book, while in others, we don't know at all save for hints from their Witch self).

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Hey there! A friend just told me that this place does AUs, so I'm curious...
I notice in the rules that When apping an AU character, it will not close the door for the canon counterpart to be apped. Does this apply in reverse? Are AUs allowed when the canon exists already?


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A bit of an odd question concerning character powers:

The character I'm thinking of apping employs a particular form of magic where he is able to draw energy from the inherent power of the intersection of what essentially amounts to leylines to augment his own. He is capable of expending his own life-energy to cast spells, but drawing from the nodes keeps him from exhausting himself too soon. I realize this question is kind of out there, but would there be any such leylines or nodes that he would be able to sense, or is the area simply magically "dead?"

**As an additional note, I'm fine with either answer. The character would prefer to have them, however if they simply don't exist I can work with that too.

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Hi mods,

I was planning on apping someone from the same original world as someone else in game already (with that mun's permission). The thing is, said character has been in the game already; how does that translate back to my character's world? Would that character have disappeared when they showed up in Maison, or would you prefer I pull them from early enough that said character would not be gone yet? Do you care either way, or is it completely up to me?

Thank you.

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So, couldn't find this anywhere but I could have missed it, so I figured I would ask anyway! Two questions:

1. If a character is pregnant in canon, would they be able to come into the game as is, or does it need to be at some before or after pregnancy? Obviously you don't want someone giving birth in a place like this, but...

2. How long must a comic/anime/game/TV show/whatever be out before being able to app from it? I know that you can app from something that isn't in English, but what if something was going to be translated to English but hasn't yet? Maybe that's two questions there, but basically, is there a length of time something needs to be out before you can app from it?

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I have a character who was originally OU but would be an AU version because of changes after returning to their home world after a previous game. How would I go about apping them?

Would this be an AU app with the current AU, then working with mods to get the previous game memories back after their first AC?

Would it be best to app as OU and work with mods for a combined canon update into the AU alongside the previous game memories later? Is that possible?

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Here's a question about languages: how do those work ICly?

Example: A character is bilingual, but only very literate in one of those two languages. Are there the usual handwave-y language game-shenanigans going on for Portes which would allow them to understand someone who spoke a language they don't know? Or would they have to figure out an alternate method of communicating with them?

Bonus question: assuming there are indeed shenanigans at work, then as they're quite literate in one of their two languages, but not the other, would this mean that their attempts to write something to another character would be easy to comprehend, vs being a phonetically-spelled mess, based on which language they were attempting to write in?

Bonus bonus question: as the language they're literate in is Japanese, does this mean other characters would be able to simply understand the kanji as well as the kana, assuming shenanigans? Or would it only apply to written language?

...Or is this just one of those sorts of things that hasn't really been brought up yet/played with much, and is totally available to be fudged for whatever's most interesting and works out to be most fun for the muns involved?

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A question about nations and death: it is, obviously, not canon how a nation personification dies, other than the vague references to them fading away when their actual country dissolves. Would they be physically unable to die, no matter the wound (which could be horrific enough in itself), or simply die when the human body's limits is met and then come back? I have seen both interpretations on nations in the past, and was wondering how the mods would like to handle this ICly, seeing as this is a game where death is a possibility.
Edited 2013-06-06 02:19 (UTC)

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Hi! A friend of mine suggested I look into this game and I...well, because of the genre I wanted to make sure, do you accept children characters? I'd be looking to app this little girl. *points at icon* Could basically place her at about 9-10-years-old. Yes/no? =D

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I can't seem to find this anywhere, but then again I'm running on like no sleep so I could have just missed it.

I'm not sure if this will actually apply to me or not, as I'm waiting on the upcoming episode for my canon this Monday to decide on a canon point, but how does the game handle characters that are coming into it injured/ill/dying?

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How do you feel about Vocaloid song canons?

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Regarding the ability (or lack thereof) to communicate: How about characters who cannot speak/have trouble speaking the "universal language" in their canon? Would they continue to not know the "universal language" since that's an obstacle they face in their canon?
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Hey one quick question. I'm looking around for a new game to join, and I just noticed that you mentioned Tamers digimon as a grey area. Can I take that to mean that if I apped a Tamer here he could bring his digimon with him?

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Ridiculous question time. For any canon updates in the history and personality update sections do they have the same word minimums as initial applications?

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